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    1. Welcome to the official website of Wuxi Huaxing Automobile Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd!
      www.cnminghai.com 2872443213@qq.com0510-83886877
      ABOUT US
      Wuxi Huaxing Automobile Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd. set up in 1989,specializing in manufacturing series"XIXING"brand solenoid switches、starters and alternators that are used for automobiles、internal-combustion engines.We have a staff number of 220 including 18 technical personnel,of whom 9 are engineers and senior engineers.
      We make every product carefully and take every order seriously
      Have the courage to face every requirement, treat every customer faithfully and provide satisfactory service
      Take the good faith as the cornerstone, take the quality as the guarantee, take the technology as the forerunner
      Mutual benefit and common development with customers is our unchanging business purpose
      BOSCH STARTER SOLENOID 66-9100 BOSCH 0-331-401-040
      2/5 2021
      66-9100ACCURATE 7-818 AES 379 AES 379-2 ALFA ROMEO 115400503001/29 BOSCH 0-331-401-040 BOSCH 0-331-402-001 BOSCH 0…
      copyright © Wuxi Huaxing Automobile Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd.
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